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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Abandonment Issues

Thanks to the efforts of my sister and brother-in-law, with whom I spent THEIR week of vacation (thanks, guys!), I came home on a Green Smoothie kick.  I had actually already been making smoothies for the family for quite some time now, The Grommet being my most loyal "customer", but now I was very much into getting everyone on the raw, green, and organic train.  With the help of recipes from my darling friend Aub, and armed with back-up "ammo" from my brother-in-law Phil, I've been a Green Mercenary Goddess.

For the past three days, it's been recipe experimentation.  Caris and I have been playing and tweaking, deciding whether we prefer this kale or that kale, or Charlie's favorite; Swiss chard.  Bry's a spinach kinda guy.  We're loving the "boosters" of protein, chia, spirulina, or maca.  Omega this, and energy that.  Whatever.  If it doesn't taste like V8, but is better for me, I'm in.  All in all, it's been fun and painless to get our fruits and veggies on.

This morning, as usual, I got up and started my usual routine.  Soon after, The Grommet came out of his room.

Me:  "Morning, Buddy.  You're running a bit late today.  I'll run in the kitchen and make your smoothie.  What kind would you like today?"

Bryson:  "I was thinking about those potatoes you made for dinner last night."

Me:  (scrunching up my nose)  "Ew.  That sounds gross.  I'm not gonna put those potatoes in a smoothie.  Why don't you just take those to work with you and have them for lunch?"

Bryson:  (ignoring me completely while he plays with Kiva)  "I don't have work today.  They owe me PTO."

Me:  (turning and walking back to my room)  "Awesome!  You can make your own smoothie today." 

Bryson:  (getting up and chasing me) "No, no, wait!  You can make my smoothie!  I love when you make my smoothie!  Please, please!  Don't abandon me!"

Me:  (smiling at his antics)  "Excuse me?  Abandon you?"

Bryson:  (smirking, then playfully pouting)  "Well, yes.  You abandoned me all last week.  No smoothies, no leftovers for lunch, no yummy dinners.  I need my mama-made power smoothie!"

Me:  "Wow.  Just wow.  Abandoned?  That's a bit harsh, isn't it?"

Bryson:  (looking hopeful)  "Did it work?"


Blogger Jess said...

I love that boy. I'm sure I'd have been in stitches, watching this!

9:47 AM  
Blogger Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Caris is off work today too, Jess. So he's "charming" the both of us. He's on a roll...keeping us both in stitches. I keep hearing Caris saying between giggles from the other room; "You are INSANE!"

I love that boy too. ;)

10:32 AM  

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