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Friday, June 09, 2006

Snapshots of Joy

Caris and gang leaving for Havasupai Falls Posted by Picasa

Cruisin' with the beautiful Auburns Posted by Picasa

The Captain and Junior Crew of Contigo Posted by Picasa

Photo of Bry, a'la Auburn Aries Posted by Picasa

Me and Aub: BFF....fo'sure! Posted by Picasa

Averie & Caris; Graduation Dinner Posted by Picasa

Caris & Taryn; Prom Girls Posted by Picasa

Caris & Taryn; Hostess Cupcakes Posted by Picasa

How to look sexy in circa 1900 garb... Posted by Picasa

Le Marquis de OCC Posted by Picasa

Graduation Day for Averie Posted by Picasa

Reminders of Joy

The first few weeks were pretty tough. I gave myself permission to feel sad. I think I deserved it. After that, it was a matter of going through the motions. I think that took another week. Then, something happened; LIFE. It occurred to me that I just didn't have the luxury anymore, of staying sad. There were joys going on around me, large and small, and instead of standing on the sidelines...I needed, nay, WANTED, to get back in the game. Not to mention the fact that you, my beautiful Blog Ohana, just wouldn't let me forget how loved, and lucky I am. Without the wonderful spirits that share my world, in both 3D and otherwise, I'm quite sure I would still be in the fetal position. But I'm not. And for that, you have my undying gratitude. I've come out on the other side blessed, and very grateful and to tell you the truth, I feel like there's a new side of me; a less critical and much more soulful side. I kinda like it.

So, to catch up:

*Charlie is still unemployed, but he's starting on a new venture with our dear friend Ron. It's a little scary as there's no regular paycheck to depend on, but they deserve to take a stab at it. Check it out. I think they do a pretty good job. How do you think they did Aub? So, you LandLubbers, if you're ever in the area and you'd like a romantic harbor cruise, give them a call. Contigo awaits.

*Averie graduated from Orange Coast College in May. First degree in our family. She thought I was making too big a deal of it and didn't want to "walk". But she relented for my sake. I told her she would regret it someday and though right now an Associates degree doesn't seem like a big deal to her, it was a VERY big deal for Daddy and me. So she humored me. HA! I win.

*Averie finished her run as Emma Goldman in "Assasins". I have to say, the girl can pull off a great Russian accent. Even Charlie didn't recognize her and kept asking who the "Russian Girl" was. I'd say you're a pretty good actress if you can fool your own father.

*Bryson, in five short months, has taught himself to play the guitar so well that he auditioned for a band and made it. Now, if only he could put that much effort into getting a passing grade in Math.

*Caris went to her Senior prom last Saturday. I was really proud of her for deciding to go "stag". She's had a rough go this last month. If I go into much more detail than that, she might never speak to me again. Suffice it to say, she's as resilient as she is beautiful. As the countdown to her graduation ticks away, I hope she's cherishing every second.

*Caris, at this moment, is on her Senior trip; backpacking to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon. Her pack weighs 25 pounds and though by most standards that seems pretty light, when you only weigh a smidge over 100 pounds, that's a gargantuan effort. I told her before she got on the bus that if it got too bad, she could turn on her feminine charms with the big, strong, senior boys on the trip. I'm sure a few of them would jump at the chance to be her champion. Right now, I just hope she's still alive.

*We were lucky enough to have two stunning Auburns visit us last week. I got the chance to go to Disneyland and ride rides with the beautiful Auburn Aries. As soon as we walked through the gates of the "Happiest Place on Earth", I swear to you, I suddenly turned into the 9-year old and Aries became the Learned Leader. Sometimes, you just gotta let go...ya know? Watching my dear friend Aub enjoy the "scenery" in SoCal (and Girl, you BETTER write about "Mom..FOCUS!") was just priceless. Later in the week, Charlie and I absconded Auburn Pisces and took her to an amusement park of a different sort. One where they serve Patron. Okay, so it wasn't Patron Platinum, but hey, nothing beats drinking tequila with someone you love. Can I get an amen from Portland?

*I got a lively group call from New York. Rick, you completely made my day. It did my heart good to hear your voice, Karen's voice, and the other voices in the soulful chorus behind you. Sweet, sweet sounds to my ears. I wish I could have been there. But since I couldn't, it makes me joyful that you remembered me while you were there.

These things, and so many more, are the simple reminders of the joys of my life. There's a time for everything. For now, the time for sadness has passed. In it's place is a time for joy.