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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love In The Time of Pinterest

I have 17 Pinterest boards with 423 pins. The four boards with the most pins are as follows:

* "I Don't Skinny-Dip, I Chunky-Dunk" - 100 pins.
* "Things That Make Me Think of My Kids" - 71 pins.
* "Oh Bartender; I'll Have Another" - 42 pins.
* "I Don't Trust People Who Don't Like Dogs" - 27 pins.

It's scary the way you can open up someone's Pinterest page and see what they consider important in their life. Yeah, I might love food, but I'm also relieved to see that I pinned more to my "Kids" board than I did to my "Booze" board. Dodged that bullet.

On that note; cocktail, please!