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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Family That GLEEks Together

So many of you have been along for the ride over the years as Caris did her television and movie background work. You were our cheerleaders as we moved from set to set, you watched every little clip of every job she did on every show she worked on. And even when her work sometimes ended up on the editing room floor (as it often did), you always sent words of encouragement. All through high school, as she worked in one play after another, you were there. In fact, you've all been there, like the family you are, to experience every joy, along with every bump and bruise of all three kids, and their proud parents. Today is no exception.

Though she's moved on in her career choices, Caris' first love will always be performing. She'll always have the love of the stage in her veins. So, GLEE night is a ritual at our house. Now that they've invited open casting call auditions, she thought.."Why the heck not?" So just for fun, here it is. The proud mom, as always, asks her blog family to go and vote. Why the heck not? :)

Caris' GLEE Audition Please vote!

Glee song

Glee | MySpace Video

Glee monologue

Glee | MySpace Video

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Definitely On Purpose

I'm posting this clip of one of the shows Averie’s work produces because it's what a proud mom should do.

The season finale is tomorrow night at 8:30PM. Watch it! Please? :)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Never Again

Kids; the next time I mention to you that we're going to be good people and let someone move in with us to help them out because they're down on their luck...please kick me in the ass.