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Friday, July 07, 2006

Time To Go

After three years...I think it's time to go.

This blog began as an outlet. I needed someplace to vent, pour out my heart, laugh with my friends. I needed some hugs in the hard places and from all of you I got that. Sometimes, I even had something funny or worthwhile to say. I once had the ability to convey what was going on in my life with a sense of humor. I honestly think that part of me has died. Either that, or it's asleep and can't be awoken. Too much pain in a short time has taken its toll and though I've struggled to smile my way through it and put on a good show, I'm just not that talented of an actor. I'm hurting, and the fact is, I can't share here what's breaking my heart. So even the thing that I began as a kind of therapy can really only betray me if I bear my soul. Rock and a hard place.

I thank you, all of you, for your friendship, love, support. I thank you for being a shoulder to cry on. I thank you for your warm hearts and kind souls. I thank you for letting me love you back and holding me close. I hope, that even with the end of this blog, it will not be the end of our friendships. I'll still be watching and loving you from afar. Please don't forget me as I will never forget all of you.

Malama Pono.