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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Because It Makes Me Smile

This is where the Grommet shines. He told me when he got back that he knows that he was born on the mainland, but feels in his soul that Hawai'i is his home. I know how he feels. The boy has pa'akai wai running through his veins. And from looking at this picture, I really don't think translation is necessary.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be Still

I feel like a fool for a suggestion I made to someone. Turns out, my suggestion wasn't such a good one and it embarrasses me that I wasn't more informed. Seriously embarrasses me.

Two family members have been diagnosed with cancer this week. One is terminal. One, well we still don't know.

My embarrassment is surviveable and I'll live. My friend will forgive me for being naively ignorant because at least now I'll know stuff and I'll make wise choices in the future.

I wish the prognosis were the same for my loved ones. But we can't be naive, and we can't bury our heads in the sand. I wish it was as easy as surviving embarrassment.

Today I feel lost. Tomorrow and the following days, I need to be strong for them. I want to say the right things and do the right things. I've been through this before, more times than I think is fair. It's all too uncomfortably familiar and that just pisses me off. Sometimes there is no right thing to say or right thing to do. For now, I tell myself to just be still.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stilettos in Baggage Claim

Since traffic was unusually light this morning, Charlie and I found ourselves an hour early at LAX to pick the boys up from their flight home. So, we located a couple of open seats near the baggage claim area and partook in that most amusing of pastimes; people-watching.

Airports and beaches are my favorite places to watch the comings and goings of the creatures that share our breathing space. There is never a lack of entertainment. From fashion to parenting skills, I ALWAYS walk away from a people watching adventure feeling...well, feeling pretty good about myself. If I'm ever sad, I make a quick drive down to the beach, perch on the sea wall next to the walk and just watch. In no time at all, I'm thinking that things just aren't too bad.

As we view events from our little corner, Charlie makes an observation:

Charlie: Why do women who are traveling, when they KNOW they're going to have to walk a lot and cart around luggage, and children, and whatnot, wear 4-inch stiletto heels?

Pua: Um...you're asking me? The woman who hardly EVER wears shoes at all? Maybe they cherish looking sexy and fashionable over comfort. Maybe they enjoy pain. Maybe they think they'll be discovered for some reality show. Hell, it's L.A., you never know. Nothing says talent like pushing a stroller while you're balancing on torture devices wrapped around your feet.

Charlie: Well, I definitely know why men can't wear high heels the way women can. Their center of gravity is completely different.

Pua: Eddie pulls it off perfectly. In fact, Eddie does it better than 95% of the women in this airport right now. That man looks FIIINNNEEE in stilettos. I loves me some Eddie in spikey heels!

Charlie: Eddie Izzard?

Pua: Uh HUH. I would lick that man's leather.

:::Quiet Pause:::

Charlie: Isn't there a shoe store on Sunset?