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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Long and Winding Road

Good intentions. I always start the day with good intentions. At the close of the day, I look back and think; WTF? So, even though the past pages of this well-intentioned book of my life are turning yellow with age, I'm still going to do what I promised and write. Even if no one sees it. That way, I'll know that sometimes good intentions end in completion.

The last entry was January (Good Gawd!). Since then, we've had two major milestones; Averie graduated from university, and Bryson graduated from high school. As you can see, we put the florist's kids through college too.

Painted on her mortarboard: "Kulia I Kanu'u" (Strive for the Highest). Made me weep like a baby!

Not to be outdone, Adventurous Caris decided to jump out of a plane. Luckily for me, she didn't tell me until it was over and she was on the ground. I'm not sure I could have made it through the day knowing that my child was risking her life for the adrenaline rush. My dad always told me that when he was a kid trying to decide whether to go into the Army or Navy, the Navy recruiter told him, "Son, only two things fall from the sky; bird shit and damn fools." That's all it took. It was the life of a sailor for Dad. For Caris, that was just a funny story Grandpa told, but she still wanted to jump out of a plane. After I saw the pics and the look of sheer joy on her face, what could I say? She's an amazing person.

Averie's now working at a production company in Los Angeles and recently got her first IMDb credit. She moved out to her own apartment in August. I wept like a baby again. I honestly didn't think it was going to be that difficult. It is.

In the last 6 months, I've been back and forth to Hawai'i three times because my mom was ill. Thankfully, she's now doing well and reports from my sister indicate that she's grumpy and ornery. That's a good sign.

Charlie started a new, permanant job in August and seems to really like the people he's working with. It's a relief to have a paycheck to depend on. We'll appreciate it for however longs it lasts and be grateful.

The new location of the tiki shop hasn't done well this year despite our best efforts, and Wes and I are contemplating a new move in December. When he asked me if I wanted to stay with him and hang in there, or close the store permanantly, I responded that I'd do whatever it takes not to have to wear shoes again.

In September, for my birthday (literally),I asked my husband for a band. Not the kind that sparkles around your finger, or a shiny new bangle for my wrist, but a gastric band. Best birthday gift I've ever received. I've lost 38 pounds since September 1st. And honestly, I don't feel bad at all about missing the cake.

That's the long and winding road in a nutshell. I'm walking it barefoot and lots lighter. Feels good. Like coming home.