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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Super Powers

When Averie was working on this show:

Yeah, yeah...I know, it's gone now.  That's another story for another time.  Anyhow...back when Averie was working on this now defunct show, she called and told us that she got some pretty cool schwag.  No, not the kind you put in your bowl and smoke.  The promo kind.  The kind that would have the name of the show, or network, or something like that.  "I think Daddy will really like what I have for him."

The next time she came home for a visit, she was all smiles as she handed Charlie a really great Columbia polar fleece pullover.  It has the name of the show on the sleeve:

Averie was absolutely right.  Charlie DOES really like it.  In fact, he likes it so much, that for the past two years, except in the sweltering summer, not a day goes by that he isn't wearing his "Cape" as he's come to call it.  "Hey, did you happen to wash my cape today?"  Yes, that's really what he says.  He loves that jacket.  When he gets home from work after a hard day, the first thing he does is walk to our room, change into comfy clothes, and put on his cape.  He says it has the "super power" to make him feel better.  The show may not have lasted longer than a few weeks, which is kinda crappy, because we liked it, but this jacket is in it for the long haul.  Much to Charlie's delight.

Usually, when he takes it off, he drapes it over the end of the bed.  It stays there until he gets home from work.  Lately, Ellie has been spending a lot of time in our room, resting on our bed.  Yesterday, I noticed that she was sleeping on Charlie's "cape".  I had a wistful thought that maybe, just maybe, it could transfer some of its super powers to her while she sleeps.   I remember the days when I thought a beach towel with the ends tied around my neck could make me believe that I could fly.  I want to believe that Charlie's cape can make Ellie feel better.  She's actually sleeping, quite blissfully on it right now, so I'm just gonna keep believing.  It makes ME feel better to believe that.  Maybe it does have super powers after all.


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