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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Back in the Fast Lane

Dad's doing well. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. If I learned anything through this process, it's been that I have amazing siblings. My parents live with my sister Ulu and her family. That family deserves some sort of award. I know how thankless and difficult it can be caring for an elderly parent who is struggling with ill health, but the truth be told, my mum-in-law doesn't live with me 24/7, so I can always run to the sanctuary of my own home. Ulu and her family don't have that option. They are surrounded by parental issues minute by minute and they do what they must with patience and love. I learned so much about the beautiful person that my sister is; sweet-spirited, hard-working, and self-effacing. I'm honored to know her let alone share the same gene-pool. Despite any hardships of the past, she and my sister Lee, who handles my parent's finances, move forward and do what needs to be done. I admire them so much.

Getting back was good, getting back in the swing has been difficult. I feel like I've been thrown from the frying pan into the fire. Charlie handled the teenage whirlwind that has been our world, very well on his own. But I know he's tired, and very happy that I'm back. I know that Bry and Ave missed me. Caris missed me a little less than the other two because while I was gone, she had uninterrupted access to my vehicle. I have to give my family some kudos....the house was still standing and it wasn't the devastating "Mom's Gone" aftermath that I expected. There weren't a week's worth of dishes in the sink, laundry was not mountainous, there was milk in the fridge, AND there was toilet paper in the bathroom. I was impressed, to say the least.

I've hurled myself right back into frenetic activity, which has been difficult considering I've done nothing but sit with my parents while I was in Hawaii. Today marks my 11th straight day of work as I help to fill in labor gaps at the store. While not at work, I have:

1. Been to no less than 3 shopping malls looking for that "perfect" Homecoming dress for Caris. Actually TWO dresses; one for the Homecoming Court festivities (she's been nominated a Senior Class princess) at the game on Friday night, and one for the dance on Saturday night. Result of all that shopping: Nada. She's borrowing both dresses.

2. Bought new "dressy" clothes for Bry; black shirt, black slacks, a turquoise tie (his date's dress is turquoise), new shoes, socks, and a "schnazzy" belt.

3. Hemmed Bry's black slacks.

4. Ordered corsage for Bry's date and boutinere for Caris' date.

5. Made 10 leis for both kids' friends for the big game.

6. Went to Averie's play at OCC; "A Patch of Earth" by Kitty Felde. Averie had an opportunity to speak with the writer, who told her that she played her part exactly as she had envisioned the character. A tough subject, true and heartwrenching.

7. Filled out and submitted Averie's FAFSA. That damn thing has kept me awake for 4 nights straight. The reward? I got the biggest hug and an outpouring of gratitude from Ave. She told me that all of her friends are struggling to get their apps and financial aid info together and that none of their parents are helping them. They're all panicking. She said it was a relief to be able to lean on me. That makes it all worthwhile!

8. Helped Averie complete 4 college applications for spring transfer, and tried to keep her from worrying that one of them won't accept her. With all she has going for her and her impressive resume...what's to worry about? Well, other than how Charlie and I are going to pay for it. :)

9. Picked up Charlie's tux for Homecoming. He got misty last night when he told me how proud he was going to be to escort his daughter to Homecoming court.

10. Shared my bed with a sprawling black puppy who sleeps on my feet. I think she missed me.

Back to normal? Yeah, I'd say so.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back Soon...

Aloha everyone. I had to take a quickly arranged trip back home to Hawaii to help take care of my ailing dad. Our sisters there needed a break, so Loke and I took turns to try and lend a hand. I'll be back next Thursday. Until then, all my aloha to all of you.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Grommet

Forever Surf Buds Posted by Picasa

16? Say It Isn't So!

My baby boy is 16 years old today. Once he called Daddy's moustache a "mushbash". Once he could jump with ease from playing pirates with his buddy Kyle to playing Barbies with his sisters. Now, he's asking a girl to the Homecoming dance and asking me to go suit and corsage shopping with him. Once he lived just under my heart. For sixteen years, he's lived IN it. His date of birth became one of his nicknames; "Ten-Four, Good Buddy." Happy Birthday Grommet. You may be growing up, but just remember, you'll always be my baby. And my favorite surf-bud.

Angel Face Posted by Picasa

Flying A Kite With Daddy Posted by Picasa