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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Speaking of Daughters and Television

The other night, as Charlie, Caris and I were being couch bait and watching telly, our house began to vibrate. Softly at first, and then it grew to nearly earthquake proportions. Even Ellie jumped off her comfy spot on the sofa and ran to the bedroom. We all got up and ran outside, looked skyward and saw what looked like a scene from "Apocolypse Now." FIVE large military helicopters flying over our neighborhood.

Charlie: What the hell?

Pua: TV choppers? Some kook being chased by cops on the freeway?

Charlie: Nope, those are military.

Caris: (calmly) Nah, it's Obama.

Charlie and I both do a double-take and look over at Caris. We're all still standing out on our front lawn, joined soon by neighbors coming outside to stand on theirs and watch the helicopter "parade."

Charlie: What?

Caris: (matter of factly) It's the President. He's here for a "Town Meeting." People are already lined up over at the fairgrounds for tickets. The meeting's Wednesday. Two thousand tickets available, first come, first served. I'm thinking about skipping class and going.

Charlie and I look at each other, and then back at Caris.

Charlie: And you know this because....?

Caris: Geez Daddy, it's all over the news.

Charlie: You watch the news?

Caris: Well, actually, I saw it on FaceBook. That, and my Government teacher mentioned it. I wonder if I miss class to go to the Town Meeting if that will be an excused absence?

Once the helicopters have passed and the rumbling stops, we go back inside. Caris gives us more details about Obama's visit to Costa Mesa, and how we probably should avoid driving near the fairgrounds on our way to work tomorrow. (She was right. It was crazy over there.)

About an hour later, the phone rings. It's Averie.

Pua: Hi Honey! Guess what just happened?

Averie: Obama arrived in The OC.

Pua: Yeah! How did you know?

Averie: Facebook.

Pua: Grrr

Averie: Never mind that. This is better.

Pua: What?

Averie: He's gonna be on the show Thursday.

Pua: Who?

Averie: OBAMA, Mommy...President Obama!

Pua: Really? Are you working the show Thursday?

Averie: HELLS YA!

Apparantly, the Pages are being immersed in protocol, the Secret Service has made an advance visit, and security measures are being put in place. Averie is pressing her Brooks Brothers Page suit.

So, if you're up watching Obama on Leno tonight, remember whose daughter is behind the scenes making sure the President has everything he needs in the Green Room.

I'll be over here gloating.