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Monday, December 01, 2008

My Thanksgiving Gift

My son woke me on Thanksgiving with a MySpace note. He of course had to tell me it was there. I originally created my MySpace page when they were in high school so that I could keep an eye on them (read "Spy"). But it turned out to be a great tool for communicating with them through the years. Even if they tuned my voice out, they would still read a message from me on their MySpace. As time went on, I would go there (to MySpace) less and less knowing that I gave them life tools, they were young adults, and they were gonna do what they were gonna do with or without my input. I'm glad I kept "input-ing". When things like this come through, I can't help but be thankful every day.

"Hey Happy Turkey Day. I love you very much and cant wait to eat a Turkey with you. I wanted to tell you that Im thankful to have you in my life. I wanted to remind you because its that day to tell people what youre thankful for. Im thankful for a great mom who cares about me especially when I do stupid things. Im thankfull for having someone so accepting of people in my life. Im thankful for being raised right, Im thankful that you taught me how to think for myself, teaching me good morals, and right from wrong. Im glad that you let me have a choice in what I wanted to do In life and didnt critisize me for the things I did and do. Im thankful that you cook food almost every night and have enough patience to not blow up when I leave the house without eating it, or even when I tell you that I had other plans to eat elsewhere and I didnt let you know before you cooked for me. Im glad that youre here every morning when I wake up and go to sleep even if I dont see you, Its the comfort of having a loving mother in the house that makes me feel safe. Im glad that youre most willing to pick me up when I cant drive! Im thankful that you guide me though the best directions in life. Im thankful that youre a parent that believes the pursuit of happiness is just as valuable as the pursuit of a 100 thousand dollar a year career. Im glad that you were the mother that didnt take anyones shit, and put me on timeouts instead of throwing me money, candy and toys when I commited myself to boneheaded mischief. Im glad that you taught me the proper manners every human should know and doesnt know. It seems as though every mom Ive met notices what a great job you've done at raising me. Im Thankful you've absolutly done your best in loving me as your son and taking care of your family. And when you know your child can write something as appreciative as this, then you know youve accomplished something few mothers have or ever will have in their whole entire lives.

I love you very much! Your Youngest, Bryson"

On those hard days of Motherhood when you wonder "What the hell am I doing?" and if these little lives that are depending on you to give them your very best are getting it, remember that one day, the payoff will come. Even if its through MySpace.