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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going Postal

Last week, I saw a notice from our insurance company that our auto insurance was a couple of days overdue. So I mentioned it to Charlie, who said to me that he would pay the bill when he got home. That was Monday.

On Tuesday, I asked Charlie if he had paid the car insurance bill. Any other bill, I might not bother him so much about, but the fact is, there are FIVE cars on our insurance. Yes, FIVE. That's another story. His response was that he would call from work and pay the bill by phone.

On Wednesday, I asked Charlie if he had paid the car insurance bill, and oh by the way, the mortgage is due. He said he would take care of it when he got home. Because I've been with this man for 28 years, and I know him THAT well, I just went ahead and paid the bill myself. Done.

On Thursday, BEFORE I had a chance to ask him, my darling husband announced that he would SIT DOWN and pay ALL the bills this weekend. Thank you, Honey.

The weekend passed without a checkbook being opened, and on Monday night, I asked the inevitable question, knowing full-well the answer would have a "twinge" of procrastination to it. "I'll get up early tomorrow morning, and pay the bills before I go to work." Says he. Again, I just say "Thank you, Honey."

On Tuesday morning, I got up to the smell of coffee brewing. It was 5:00. I went down the hall, and there was Charlie, sitting at his desk, writing checks. I smiled, kissed his head, and I turned around and went back to bed. Before he left for work, he asked if I would mail the bills. "Of course," I said. And off he went.

That morning, I went to the post office on my way to the shop. I had forgotten that it was a holiday, and having a few packages from work that I had to mail, I just drove right out of the parking lot. I figured that I'd come back tomorrow when they were open and do everything all at once.

That evening, when Charlie got home, he asked me if I had mailed the bills.

Me: No. I went to the post office, but it was a holiday today, so they were closed. Since I had other packages to mail, I thought I'd wait til tomorrow.

He: (sarcastically) So you couldn't just drop them into a mailbox?

Me: (pretending not to hear the tone in his voice) What?

He: If I had known that you weren't going to drop the bills off, I would have taken them myself.

Me: (blinking) Are you kidding me right now?

He: (COMPLETELY oblivious) Huh?

Me: ::sigh:: Nevermind.

I adore this man. But when I go to the post office, I'm gonna see if they have a box big enough for me to fold him into. Then, I'll procrastinate and I may or may not mail him for a few days. Or a week.