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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

International Hops and Barley

On Halloween night, before all the goblins and ghoulies arrived, I was sitting at my desk writing, when outside the window, I heard a car pull up out front, and then I heard the unmistakeable, familiar laughter of mischief. I ignore it at first because I know it's The Grommet and his buds. But then I hear; "Shhhhhh, I want to sneak up on my mom." Oh no he didn't. So I get up and walk to the door, and this is what walks into my living room:

Perfectly gleeful in their cerveza creativity, I asked them WHERE they got the material for their group costume (notice that Corona Man is anatomically correct). "Easy," says Bry. "Jon's dorm room." Nice. This is where our tuition money goes.

Down the hall, Caris is busily becoming St. Pauli Girl:

From Mexico to Germany...we've got the beer world covered.


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