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Monday, November 03, 2008

Is That It?

Once saying all the parent-like things you say to kids who are old enough to go to Halloween parties on their own; "Have fun, be careful, be smart, call if you've played too much Beer Pong and I'll come and get you..." Charlie and I turned on the porch light and waited for the parade of goblins.

Fortunately, we have no need for a doorbell; we have Ellie. She "announces" everyone's arrival, thus scaring the crap out of poor, unsuspecting Spidermen and Peas in Pods. Whom we then have to coax to the front door with candy bait. Sounds a little pervy and predator-ish. Such a big, snarly bark for a dog with absolutely no backbone. Another drama queen in the family.

At one point, a group of around 5 kids come up to the door and deliver their well-worn Halloween line. One girl, probably 14 or 15, instead of saying "Trick or Treat," holds up a hand to Charlie and says "Yeah, Obama, High-Five!" to which he responds with a high-handed return and a box of Hot Tamales (we're the ONLY house in the tract of around 100 homes with OBAMA/BIDEN and NO on 8 signs and have already had them destroyed or stolen twice.) Charlie finishes giving candy to the rest of the group and at the last is one little Batman-boy, around 7, holding up his pillowcase. Charlie drops a box of Mike & Ikes in his bag. The mini Superhero looks down into his stash, lifts his head, looks at Charlie and says; "Is that it?"

Charlie: Yep, that's it.
Batkid: You don't got no chocolate?
Charlie: Nope. I have Hot Tamales. You want that instead?
Batkid: I like chocolate.
Charlie: Sorry. No chocolate.
Batkid: Okay.

As he walks away, no thank you delivered and without turning around, he says to his mother; "They don't know how to play this game." She looks up at us apologetically while simultaneously bending down to talk to her son about the etiquette of Trick or Treating.

Charlie and I closed the door momentarily and ran to the back of the house to laugh our asses off.

I'm STILL laughing. We were "served" by Batman.


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