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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Take a letter, Miss LaRue...

So, we've survived the madness of the last few weeks. Um, months. Uh, oh hell, let's face it; this year sucks. That's not to say that it couldn't get better, but for now, I'm about to picket on the sidewalk outside my house with a sign that says "2005 Bites." Yeah, I'd be by myself I'm sure, but a good friend of mine has called me "An Army of One". There may be strength in numbers, but I can be loud sometimes. Just ask my kids.

I couldn't do the realities justice should I find a smidgin of time to sit and write them. Nor would anyone believe it. Suffice it to say that I wouldn't wish what we've been through on my worst enemy. Even Mean Bookkeeper Lady at my work. If it were in my power, there would be no such thing as cancer. How many times have the words "If I were God..." been uttered around the Earth? Add mine to the cacophony.

So, I will concentrate on the good stuff that keeps me functioning:

* My sister Loke calls me, checks on me, lets me cry on her shoulder, and sent milk money at the smallest mention of financial fright (which I am holding because I promised her we'd go casino hopping when things calm down around here. Milk is over-rated anyway) She also lets me rant about how much I HATE Rob and Amber and could give a flying fig whether I EVER see them again and WHY in the world people give them ANY airtime whatsoever. Their 15 minutes was up a long damn time ago. She laughs at my passionate disdain. I love her.

* Averie is not only aceing her finals, she's finishing her sophomore year on the Dean's List for the second straight semester (she calls that first year "The College Adjustment" period). I'm always amazed at her because she keeps a grueling schedule, carries a heavy credit load, works, and still manages to write, produce, stage manage, and act in just about every production put out by the Theater and Reperatory department. Her dream of attending NYU was dashed in her senior year of high school when she discovered that they don't accept transfers. But two days ago she came home glowing because she found out from her counselor that they DO indeed accept transfers. Now, she has even more to work toward and her fire is reignited.

* Bryson helped his swim team make it to the Pacific League CIF Division Championships and ended the year with good words and an award from his coach (who isn't one to offer much praise). Despite a difficult Freshman year, he (we) made it through. The 4th grade hockey team that he coaches didn't win a single game, but those little guys love him and Bry loves hearing them call him "Coach". Unlike his own swim coach, Bryson gives those 4th graders tons of praise because he knows how much it means to them. He learned what a difficult job coaching is and said to us that next season, he wants to ref junior games instead of coach. "It's a lot of responsibility coaching." Charlie, the veteran hockey/soccer/baseball coach smiles at him and says.."Ya think?"

* As Ellie grows, she's worked her way speedily into everyone's heart. She has claimed her rightful place as Princess. On these recent difficult days that come one right after another, she is the sweet, gentle calm that meets us at the door with warm puppy kisses and makes the world go away.

* Caris completely embraced her character (Hedy LaRue) in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." With sellout crowds every night, the kids did the best job they've ever done and saw out the year with a bang. Now, on to prom night...

* Auburn Pisces arrives in "The OC" today to visit Disneyland with her daughter and The Fairy Godmother. We're planning to get together on Saturday. I think a visit to The OC Vortex and a few drunk dials are in order.

Thank goodness for kids. And alcohol.


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