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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Hitch in The Get-Along

The preceding whiney post was brought to you by lack of sleep, lack of sex, lack of fun, and PMS. I wrote it, and then worried all day about what people would think of me. And then, I remembered how lucky I am because I just knew in my heart I'd be completely understood. Thank you for that.

Now, I step out of myself to link to Tuna Girl for a very happy reason. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!! I know you got the best present ever having your man home, but some small wishes from the west coast can't hurt, huh? Hope it's awesome.

You know, I love, love, love my boys, but I gotta say, my girls have lifted my spirits in an incredible way over the last couple of weeks. Sweet Susan will probably kill me for this, but I gotta say it. This wonderful woman, whom many of us have gotten to know over time through her very uplifting and kind comments has reminded me about the gift of selflessness. Through emails and phone calls, I have chided her about not having her own blog. She simply visits all of ours and gives us love, expecting nothing in return. Two weeks ago, she invited me to come with her and attend her daughter's play. I was SO excited to not only finally meet her, but to get a "Girl's Night Out" and see her beautiful girl perform in "Cabaret". You all know what a theater nut I am. Especially since Drama and Musical Theater runs through our veins in this household. My own daughters were thrilled that I was getting an opportunity to finally go out and have some fun. Though Susan lives a good hour drive from me, I counted the days toward our meeting in great anticipation. And then Mom took ill the Wednesday before our Friday night date and I had to call Susan and cancel. She was, as I expected, gracious, kind, and full of warm thoughts for me and my family, promising that there will be other opportunities. I know that to be true, but at the time, I wasn't comforted. I wanted to go, but I knew I was needed here. Over these difficult weeks, Susan has sent me comforting emails so full of warmth, I've been moved to tears. So Susan, I thank you. You are a sweet spirit and I know that you and I are becoming good friends. I'm grateful. Now, get a blog darn ya...so that everyone will know what I know about the precious soul you are!

Let's talk a moment about MY beautiful Auburn Pisces. I know, I know, Toddy will say she's HIS. But I claim her for the moment. I claim her positive light in my world. I claim her laughter and humor that lifts my tired spirit. I claim her warmth, her vitality, and her womanly strength. From the first moments I knew of her existence on this floating orb, I thanked my lucky stars and of course Hot Toddy for sharing her with me. She has given me fits of giggles when I was blue, a lighted candle for waning energy, and most of all, she has given me all the love I send to her multiplied ten-fold. When my Shanny was ill, her daily calls, sometimes multiplied, were what kept me from losing my mind. She listened to me cry and even when she couldn't understand a damn thing I was saying through the painful blubbering, I could feel her comforting arms around me through the phone line. I think it's a Mommy thing. Sometimes no words are necessary. She has the gift of making me "feel" her presence though so many miles separate us. I am blessed.

And Karen. Well Blog-Sis, you know how I feel. Though our communications are usually brief, we seem to giggle through them. You make me laugh and often I'm so jealous of your gift for bringing laughter. You're definitely magnetic when it comes to gathering adoring fans and friends. I cherish your words of friendship and comfort, and I covet the time of your life you're living. Those tender kid years. They fly you know. Before the next blink of your eye, those small frye will swim upriver. Probably going on a cruise with a friend one summer. Until then my friend, thank you for your place in my universe.

It's hard to be too self-absored when I look into my commenter. I feel the love and energy from every part of this breathing space that we share. There is a sense of guilt when I'm drowing in the negatives. But you all allow me that and take away that pinching vice. You just let me "BE". Thank the heavens that my rants don't always last too long and I can get back to being Pua. The Pua that doesn't mind sitting bedside vigil, or being without her man while he does the unpleasant work that needs to be done in his family. It is just a time in life. This too, shall pass.

Until that time, a shot of Maker's couldn't hurt. :) Love you. Thanks for loving me.


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