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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Family We Choose

First I want to say that you guys are awesome. I knew I could count on my little blog family for encouragement and moral support. Since yesterday, things have been moving at the speed of light. Well, "things" as in my thought processes. That, and the very kind offer of help from some really unexpected places have my world spinning. It didn't occur to me until well into the day yesterday that perhaps my post might have come off as a solicitation for financial help. I was definitely asking for help. But I didn't want all y'all (that was for Boogie) to think that I was begging for money. I know you didn't, but I needed to clarify if only for my own peace of mind.

Trust is not something that comes easily for me. It used to. I was a very trusting soul once upon a time. But that got broken and abused so many times, that now, in my "old age", I find I'm less and less apt to give it so freely. I have people in my 3D world who have my complete trust and I hold them very close to me. Charlie, my sister Loke, Phil, Ricky, Trent, my friend Nancy, Wes, and the kidlings. However, outside of that "circle of trust" you don't get second chances to regain it if you lose it. AND, if you hurt or abuse the trust of someone I love, well, let's just say I'm good at smiling nice.

Then there's you...my little virtual 'ohana. I look to this blog family as a hammock of emotional strength in tough times. You've ALWAYS been there for me all these years. You've watched me AND my kids grow up. You love me for all my faults and faubles. You celebrate my joys and you cry at my hurts. You laugh in all the right places. When I've had the most f'ed up day, you let me run to you and your arms are wide open. You listen and you don't judge me. You have returned that trust by allowing me into YOUR worlds. I don't take that lightly. So many of us have not yet had the privilege of actually meeting face to face (do you how many people in my 3D world are SHOCKED by this?), and yet over and over again, I see that this little family is the very best of what family should be. Best of all; you don't offer me advice unless I ask for it. Yesterday, I asked for it and you came through. In more ways than one.

So, instead of using the limited commenter, I decided to respond to you here.

Scott: Your "for what it's worth" means a lot to me. While I'm not in a position to buy Wes' inventory outright, I have a consignment plan that might work if he's agreeable. I have built an Ebay store, which is also connected to our website, and yes, it's helped tremendously over the last year. I'm hoping to improve on both if I move forward. Ebay has changed their fee structure this month and I'm not very happy with it. So I'm looking into alternatives with Yahoo Commerce, Etsy, or Silkfair.

Lee: Hey Kiddo! Nice to "see" you outside of FB and back in the Blogdom. If only for a quick visit. Now see what I mean? I asked for the family to gather, and you came. That says it all right there. Re: SCORE. Yes, I've checked with them and also with SBA sponsored non-profs that target minorities and women that want to start small businesses. Specifically, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and KIVA. Great minds think alike, huh?

Jess & Marc: What can I possibly say? Jess, your call today...well you know. I love you both so much. If ever actions speak louder than words, then you two are the Poster Children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Just hearing your voice gave me such a sense of peace. Bokey; I will definitely be calling you for marketing strategies. :)

Chuck: Eh Brah! I'm no dummy...I have NO kala, which means I will SO need you on my advertising team! I was also thinking that if all goes well, next year, a buying trip to Hawai'i will be a write-off since so many of our vendors are there. It will be nice to have an 'ohana base in Kona.

Ricky: You scare me! :::laughing::: I just saw a glimpse of the pre-retirement Rick and I'm shaking in my boots (well ok, my bare feet). How can anyone not listen to that? Don't you worry Mister. I'll put you to work alright. As I told Trent; should this come to pass, you guys will be asking why you offered to help. The pay's not great, but I promise to feed you. Or I'll make my sister feed you. She's better at that.

Bonnie: IMUA! I'm paddling as fast as I can, Girl. I'm like a duck. Above the surface, it's all calm. But under the water, my little feet at going like crazy!

Jeffrey: I hope to move to Alpha position. It's where Sisko would begin. Picard would definitely want to know what's "out there". As for your favorite Captain, I find her wise indeed. "I've learned to walk the line between hope and caution. We've had other opportunities that didn't work out. But I will admit, I'm leaning toward hope this time."

Greg: Well, they say timing is everything! And as you've pointed out, I have a great support system. I hope the "they" and the "timing" in that saying are in sync for me. :)

Jim Dow: I don't even know what to say. But I hope that hug spoke for me today. And I hope you know that I've come to find a great deal of comfort in seeing your face in every place that H.O.T. has called home. More than anything, I hope I get an opportunity to make you proud.

My "family" rocks.