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Friday, September 04, 2009

Absolutely Fearless

Before our trip to New York, I went into the large, nationally-known bookstore in the big-ass mall by my house with the sole purpose of purchasing FARB's new book.

(I'm good at hawking wares)

I knew that once I got to the East Coast, I would have an opportunity to FINALLY meet him, thanks to Jess and Marc, and I wanted to be prepared. I have probably been one of Rob's stalker nightmares over the last few years. Pandering mercilessly for the prize of his signature in my books. I have done the same with Ricker, who, in his adorably sweet way (shhhhhh...he has a Julia Sugarbaker "public persona" to uphold) has not only signed my book, but rallied to help me "flay" FARB if he didn't sign my books as well. I did, by the way, tell Jeffrey that the lack of Rob's signatures in my books was NOT his fault, but mine. Rob has been very kind in telling me where to send them. I'm just a procrastinator. That, and I held out a secret hope that I would get to have this done in person, one fine day. Thanks to Averie's interview process and Jess and Marc's hospitality, that fine day finally arrived. But I digress.

I'm at the BIG bookstore. I'm looking for the book. I'm not having much success. So I begin looking for an "associate". You know, the kids with the nametags that work there. As it turns out, I see a VERY hot, young person with a nametag and a headset. I would say that it's safe to assume that he works there. He's a cutie, this one. Black pants, black v-neck t-shirt, big radiant smile, deep brown eyes. His hair is kinda funky, but we can't have everything. So I approach the young hottie to get some help finding my book.

"Excuse me?"

He turns around from the stack of CDs he's organizing and nearly falls backward from shock.

"Whoa! Hey Mommy! What are you doing here?"

He hugs me and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. Then I begin to explain to him that I'm looking for my friend's book, but I'm not having much luck. He says, in a very confident tone; "No worries. We'll find it." So I follow him. Upstairs. Downstairs. For five or ten minutes. He's not having much luck either. So he goes on the little computer and types the name.

"Well." He says, quite matter-of-factly. "It would be in the Gay & Lesbian Fiction section."

"Yes." I say, in affirmation. "I'm thinking that's the direction."

So, off we go again. And again, we're walking in circles for a few minutes. I can see he's a little confused and frustrated.

"That section WAS right here last week. Where'd it go?"

His frustration grows to the point he gets on his little headset and in a sure and certain, unhushed tone says to the person on the other end;

"Hey! Where the heck did the Gay & Lesbian section go?"

Every head in the attached Seattle's Best coffee bar turns in our direction. Bry's attention is on the task at hand.

"Yeah, I looked by the Religion section. That's a dumb place for that section to be anyway. Who did that?"

More heads turn. I smile.

"Well, my mom is here and she wants to know."

Now the WHOLE coffee bar population, and then some, are wrenching their necks around corners to see "the mom looking for the Gay & Lesbian section."

Bryson finishes his headset conversation and turns to me. I'm cracking up, and he gives me the "what's up?" look. I give the head nod over to the coffee clutch. He shrugs his shoulders and says.."Eh, whatever. I don't know what the big deal is."

Laughing, I said to him, "Well Grommie, there's two ways those people were probably looking at it. One; you have a mother who has FINALLY decided to come out of the closet, or two; your mother has just discovered that YOU'VE come out of the closet and she's getting reference material. Either way, I know of some young men around here that would be mortified to be stared at by a bunch of people AND who would have literally whispered "Gay & Lesbian" when they had to help someone. But YOU? You're absolutely fearless and that makes me so proud."

He looked at me, shook his head, and said again.."I don't know what the big deal is. People need to get over themselves. Let's go get your book."

With a twinkle in my eye, and proud as could be, I followed my son to the counter. I'm thinking an anonymous letter to the bookstore about their awesome young associate might be in the mail soon.