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Monday, July 25, 2005

Missing You

The home computer is dead. I hear "Funeral For A Friend" playing in the background like a dirge. As impossible as it is for me to post from home, it's equally challenging for me to post at The Soul Sucker (my new name for the job). So that's what's keeping us apart my loves. What has transpired in the past few weeks you ask?

1. I gave notice at The Soul Sucker. This Wednesday is my last day.

2. I found a new job at The House of Tiki just because I walked in there with a bag of Lokelani's Kanake Nuts. Now doesn't that sound like somewhere that I belong? Well, you're right, it is. I start there regularly on August 8. Why so long? Well...

3. I'm leaving for Hawaii on Thursday with my sister Loke and my brother Lono; an early birthday gift to both of us from our sweet brother. This will be the first time that ALL of my mother's 12 living children will be together back home.

4. I'm the victim of Identity Theft. Someone's out there passing bad checks using my name, address, driver's license info. And no, I didn't lose my checkbook or my credit cards. They printed up their own checks with fake bank numbers and all. So, it's been fun talking to the police and calling all my creditors. Everytime those identity theft commercials come up now, I cringe. Bastards.

5. We had a new puppy brother for Ellie for a whole two days. We named him "Wallace", because my nickname for Bryson since he was born is "Grommet". Unfortunately Wallace didn't like Ellie too much and we had to find him a new home pronto so she could come out from under the bed.

6. I still don't have a computer. I'm borrowing my friend Joe's. He laughed when I asked because he knows that Charlie should be able to get me back online quickly. But I'm low on the list of his things to do. Take that however you want.

I'll write again when I get back from Hawaii and I promise to have pics. If there's anyone out there still reading, that is. Love you all massively and miss you more.


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