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Friday, July 08, 2005


Yes, I'm alive. Got jolted out of bed this morning by the phone and the welcome and warm voice of sweet Auburn Pisces. Though she apologized and said she'd call back later when I was awake, I refused to let her leave, so happy was I to feel her spirit coming through the phone line. After some commiseration and a good giggle or two, I felt like a human being again and much more able to face the day. Damn if I didn't get a crapload of stuff done.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. That's how it's felt lately. Dragging my ass out of bed to go to that hellzone of employment has done wonders for my countenance (please sense the sarcasm). My angel of a firstborn said to me the other day..."Mommy, I haven't seen you smile in awhile." Well if that doesn't beat all. She's right. Something's gotta give. I have GOT to recapture the joy of this life. So one day last week, I decided to stop by this cute little shop on Newport Blvd. that I have to pass by to get to the pub. Yeah, I was going to the pub. Care to join me?

Anyway, this little grass shack of a shop; it's called House of Tiki. Cute as hell and I'm jealous, but oh well. The place carries some very cool Polynesian "kitch" and Hawaiiana and I always go there to get my Hawaiian Christmas cards. Every once in a while, I'll pick up a new Hawaiian CD just to get my "fix". Everytime I've gone by there I've thought to myself..."Why the hell don't I own that place?" In my dreams. I do go on. Anyway, I notice that right next door they're opening a coffee house and calling it "Hot Lava Java". Hmmmmm, I wonder. Maybe they'd consider carrying some of my sister's candied pecans. So I call my sister and I tell her to send me some fresh nuts ASAP (Oh behave yourselves!) Two days later, with nuts in hand (Ha! I kill myself) and a little handwritten story about how my sister and I met only last year...the whole enchilada about being adopted and discovering new ohana (family) I go into the shop and have a little talk with the owner. He's lovin it and says he'd be happy to carry our sweet treats in his shop AND in the coffee house when it opens next month.

"Oh by the way" he says, "You know anyone who is interested in doing some office work a few hours a day? I just talked to my accountant and I need someone to do my books for both stores." In my head I'm thinking "ALOHAAAAAAAAAA Asswipes at the Hellzone". I'm doing all I can to remain calm and smoothly answer; "Well, as a matter of fact, I'm interested." So, again, I have my sister's nuts to thank for a prospective new job in much nicer surroundings with much nicer people. We'll know for sure after 3:00 this afternoon when he and I meet up to talk about the particulars. Still, at least I got another account for Lokelani, and that's alright with me.

Now, after a couple of weeks of non-blogging, I get on this thing to write all of this and discover that I've completely blanked out on passwords. It took me an hour to remember how to log on to Blogger. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...would YOU want ME to do YOUR books? Poor guy doesn't know what he's in for.


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