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Friday, June 10, 2005


Charlie told me earlier in the week that he was taking a few days off this week to take care of some of Mum's affairs. Have I mentioned what a good son he is? So, as he was explaining to me what his week would be filled with, he ended his sentence with, "I think you should take Friday off." I looked up from washing dishes and saw his face smiling back at me...

Me: (with a hopeful smile) Really?

Charlie: Yeah Honey...I think we both need a break. Even if it's only for a day. We've worked hard and God knows, you've put up with a lot of b.s. and been patient and helpful with my mom. Let's take a break together. I told Sis that I was taking my wife for a date day and I told Mum the same. We have a day. What shall we do with it?

Oh God. Music to my ears. It's been over 2 years since Charlie and I have gotten to get away and spend a weekend away from everything. And even though we won't get that now, and that extended time away alone will have to wait, just a day sounds like bliss. Last night, I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. I haven't felt like that since we were dating.

Giddy and grateful.


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