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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stupid People...Where's Your Sign?

We have a standing joke in our family, stolen from a comedian a long time ago whose name I can't remember, that stupid people should carry signs. This would help to warn the rest of us that they're coming. So, whenever the kids, or Charlie or myself do something really stupid, someone will inevitably say; "Uh...where's your sign?" Lately, I'm thinking there are a few people out there that should be carrying signs and so I'm going to ask them now.

People that went to the beach to "watch for the impending tsunami" off the California coast after the Northern California earthquake yesterday....where's your sign? Are you braindead? Did you not see the devastation that took place in December on the other side of our world? Are you SO stupid that you laugh and think that couldn't happen here? There are times when I'm embarrassed to be a Californian. This is one of them. Idiots. Then again, my brother in Nevada says that if we get a big enough shaker, California's gonna "break off" and he'll have beachfront property. Both of us think the other should be wearing a sign. But I'll let those Tsunami Watchers have mine for the moment.

The VERY small contingency of bigoted Catholic parents at St. John the Baptist School in our town...where's your sign? Principal Sister Vianney has been there for 43 years, God bless her. So now, because she thinks that ALL children should have the opportunity to a Catholic education and allowed the kids of a gay couple to enroll and attend, NOW the church, at your urging, has decided NOT to renew her contract? Are you kidding me? How many of you are divorced? How many of you are unmarried and living with your boyfriends/girlfriends? How many of you attend mass every week, go to confession regularly, say your rosary? C'mon. Gimme a break. Hypocrites. Not only should this family be left alone to raise their kids the way they want, Sister Vianney should remain the principal and you, all what is it...18 of you?... should shut the hell up and put on your signs. Kudos to the MAJORITY of the parents at the school who are protesting FOR the principal and the family.

Tom Cruise....where's your sign? The day that you wake up and suddenly you've grown a uterus is the day that you have a right to criticize ANY woman for seeking medical help and intervention in the care of her post-partum depression. Fucker. Shut up, put on your sign, and go change your girlfriend's diaper.

Guess who's PMSing?


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