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Monday, April 04, 2005

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Since Charlie and I had to stay close to home this weekend for his mom's sake, we couldn't take off as we always try to do to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Even if it's just for an overnighter somewhere, we always try. But, seeing as how that wasn't possible, we didn't make any plans. When I talked to my sister Loke last week, she said "Hey, Phil and I are coming up to take you and Charlie out to celebrate OUR anniversaries (theirs is March 31, ours is April 3). We want to take you to our favorite restaurant; The Ragin' Cajun. You up for that?"

Now, of COURSE, without question, I want to spend some time with my sister. I don't need an excuse of any kind for that. BUT, whenever I hear the word "cajun", the first thing I think is "HOT". I might be naive, but I must protect my poor tongue. I don't handle hot food very well. In fact, I don't handle hot food at all. Even my 100 pound, 5'2", 17 year old daughter has an asbestos mouth and calls me a wimp. Fine. It's true. I am. So I say to Loke the very first thing that comes to mind; "Um, do they have stuff that's not hot?"

"Of course they do." She responds.

"Fine, let's go!"

So Saturday morning, Loke and Phil arrive and we have the nicest afternoon. We take them down to the pub where I proudly introduce my sister to everyone. They're excited to meet THE Lokelani of Lokelani's Kanake Nuts because they're going to be using her candied pecans in a new salad on their menu; "Lokelani's Salad" (pears, butter lettuce, candied pecans tossed in a light pear vinegrette) will debut around April 15th. Then, we head north to Hermosa Beach and arrive just a few minutes before the Ragin' Cajun Cafe opens for dinner.

Good Gravy! Charlie and I got quite an education in the joys of bayou food. I am IN LOVE with Boudin! I "mmmmmm"-ed my way through Jambalaya, Crawfish Etouffee and Red Beans and Rice. Yeah, my mouth was feeling the burn, but those pretty beads they were handing out helped make it all better. We left room for some bread pudding and pecan pie...just barely...and toasted our anniversaries (26 for them, 23 for us) with some Dixie beer and White Zin.

Last week I was feeling sorry for myself because I wouldn't get to whisk my husband away for some alone time. But today, I'm feeling grateful that my sister, as usual, came to my rescue and taught me just how much fun getting a little tail can be. Even if it is just gator tail.

Let the good times roll!


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