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Thursday, March 10, 2005

And away we go....

Okay. We've just come from the shelter and darn if we didn't walk out of there with papers for a puppy. Just no puppy. All the others were spoken for and the only one left was a little black girl with a white chest and a stripe down her nose. How funny, I thought. Here we'd just lost our little black girl with a white chest. I was kinda hoping that the half black, half white one or the tan one would be free, but as destiny would have it, the one left was the one meant for us. It was just meant to be. Maybe that's a good name; Destiny.

Anyway, she's paid for, and she ours, but they won't release her to us until she's spayed. I balked at that only because she's SO young (8 weeks). I called the vet and he says he recommends spaying no younger than 4 months and between 5 and 6 months. I asked at the shelter if they would release her to us with a letter from our vet promising that we would spay her at 4 to 5 months. They said absolutely not. So, today she gets spayed and then she can come home with us on Saturday or Sunday.

So now the excitement is about names. No one is agreeing and we've gone through hundreds...literally. Every hockey name I come up with gets shot down. Caris wants "Finley", Bryson wants "Winger", Averie wants "Gilda" (for Radner). And Charlie, sweet Charlie says it should be "Debit".

What say you? After all, you are all family too.


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