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Thursday, March 03, 2005

For the love of Pua

Tuna Girl's little Tuna Boy, wrapped up in Pua's love

So, Rick was thinking, "Hmmm. Who can I get to guest post after the two award-winning bloggers and the master of the illustrated post? Oh! I know! I'll ask Tuna Girl. She has no shame."

And here I am. I don't have the talent of combining heart-felt prose with amazing photography like Aaron. And I don't have an incomparable way with words like Toddy. And I certainly don't have the talent and humor to draw like Wayne.

So, what sets me apart? What do I have?

Well, I have a lot of sex. And I talk about it too. I have no filters.

Pua once told me that she envied the freedom I have to be able to talk about sex on my blog. And I've been thinking about that.

How can I honor Pua with my talent for writing about sex?

And then it hit me. It's not really sex that is important here. Well, sex is always important. But I don't want to scare Charlie and the kids.

But what Pua has that so many of us admire is passion.

Pua's heart is bigger than her body can hold so it spews forth with passion. She puts every ounce of her soul into being a wife, mother, sister, and friend.

I've said it before at my own blog, and I'll say it again here. Pua is the kind of mother I want to be in a few years. She is my idol and my mentor.

And maybe some day I can entice her to come on over and guest blog for me. She'll be able to talk about sex and we'll all get to see a side of Pua that we haven't seen before.

I may have had a hard act to follow, and I may have had a hard time blogging without using words that start with "F", "S", or, ummm, "P". But these words I can say over and over again with ease.

I love you, Pua. We all do.

Tuna Girl

A Final Note from RcktMan

Thank you to everyone who helped make this week so very, very special.

I think it's pretty obvious, after reading this week's guest posts, that Pua is one very special lady. If you haven't figured it out yet, take it from those of us who know her and love her.

She is.

Proof of that lies in the way each of us expresses our love for her, and her for us. Proof of that lies in the scarves she crafted with her very hands and sent, at her own expense, to friends she has never met, all over the country. Proof of that lies in the way she loves her family-- cares for them, adores them, cheers them on, holds them when they hurt, and gives them an extra push whenever needed.

Proof of that lies in the poetry in Aaron's post, the heartfelt love in Toddy's post, the humor in Wayne's post, the admiration and respect in Auburn Pisces' post, and the sisterhood and respect in Tuna Girl's post.

When I asked people to write for Pua, I mentioned that I wanted to keep the "Spirit of 'Warm Cookies'" going while she was away. I truly think that was acheived. Thanks to all of you for your contributions.

Finally, I did some searching for an inspiration or a poem of some sort that would convey how I feel about this strange universe of "blogdom," and how it's brought us all together. And I found this little one... small, but it says a great deal:

For My Friend
by Carol Miller

across the miles
you touched my life,
opened my eyes, and
filled my empty heart-

strangers, yet friends,
our spirits reach out,
always touching, never apart.

you in the east,
me in the west,
never together,
never apart.

Love to all,



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