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Thursday, March 03, 2005

For My Friend Pua...

Our connection was instant as though we had known each other a lifetime. This lifetime. I am certain we've know each other in another existence. We are too close to not have.

The way my heart responds to Pua is the same way my heart responds to Toddy. Many have tried and only a few succeeded in finding this place in my heart. It isn't a place in which one may seek solace intentionally. Only certain souls are allowed in. As a matter of fact, I don't think it's up to me to determine who gets in. People are brought into your life for a reason.

Excitement finds me like cool summer breeze when I see her name on my caller ID. There is nothing pretentious about the kinship we share.
Her words, even those spoken in sorrow, are connected to my heart as though they are on a string – the words just slide back and forth between us.

My friend, Pua, whose words emanate love, touches the lives of those around her. There is an innocence in her soul that you immediately trust. Or perhaps it's the thousand years of wisdom that has been entrusted to her. Either way, hers is a friendship that I will always honor. I admire all that she is, as a Mom; a Wife; a Friend; a Confidant. I am blessed that she and I share a spiritual cord.

As the wheel turns, we are faced with the many echelons of happiness and love, trials and tribulations. They are the things that make up our lives and make us who we are. Pua, in the silence of tranquility as you regain your strength from losing Shanny, may you always feel the presence of the love that we, your friends, have warmly shared with you. When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit cherishes that which it has kept. It is the memories of love that will stay with you forever.

Patience and Faith, Sweetie~

Blessed Be,
Auburn Pisces


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