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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Uh Oh! We're in trouble, folks!

Got a call. Litter of abandoned mutt puppies needing homes. What to do, what to do?
I'm thinking just from the picture that there's no way in heck we can say no. Somehow my heart is not going to have it any other way. Of course as soon as I mentioned it to the kids, they wanted to jump in the car right that second. I only worried how to convince Charlie. After all, Shanahan was more his "girl" than anyone else's, even though she was generous with her affection to all of us.

So, "Operation Convince Daddy" begins as soon as the poor guys walks in the door from work. With me following close behind him, and three kids behind me pushing me along. Brave souls, these offspring of mine:

Caris: (whispering) You should have made him a drink.

Me: That would have been a dead giveaway that something was up.

Caris: DUH Mommy! Something IS up.

Me: Shhhhhhhhhhh!

Charlie: What's up gang?

The Four of Us: (smiling stupidly as the kids nudge me forward)

Charlie: C'mon. What's up?

Me: Well, um, uh, well Honey. You see....

Charlie: Spit it out Pua.

Me: Well, there's these puppies. Mutt puppi....

Charlie: NO

Me: You didn't even let me finish.

Charlie: (turning his back to all of us) I know. I already know what's coming.

The Kids: (in well-harmonized chorus) But Daddy...Just think about it. A new puppy would bring some happiness back in the house. Shanny would want us to give our love to another rescued puppy just like we did with her. Please Daddy? Please? Oh PUHLEEEZE!

Charlie: (smiling and turning around) Well...

Me: You butthead. You WANTED to make us sweat, didn't you?

Charlie: (laughing) Yeah. I wanted to see how much begging there was gonna be. I had already been thinking about this for a couple of days. So, tell me the details....

And so they excitedly told him about the abandoned litter and how we could go and see them tomorrow. He was quiet for a moment and then:

Charlie: (exaggerating a sore throat) *cough* *cough* I don't feel very good. Feel my forehead Honey. I'm pretty sure I have a fever. I might just have to stay home from work tomorrow. What time did you say we could go see them?

Who's the Softie?


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