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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Music to My Ears

Music to My Ears

I was feeling a little down. Sitting in a restaurant with the hub and a friend. Drinking my Jack and Coke. Thinking about New York. Then my phone rings and a very cheerful, happy voice says; "Pua? This is Toddy. Calling from New York! I'm here with Tuna Girl, and Aaron (your voice is dreamy, Ku'uipo!), and Famous Author Rob Byrnes, and Patrick...." He continued, but it was hard to hear for all the laughing and giggling on both ends.

Our friend Ron said to Charlie; "Who's she talking to?" as I sat there misty-eyed and smiling like a friggin goofball yelling "I love you Aaron, I love you Karen, I love you Toddy, I love you Patrick!" into the phone after talking to each one. People in other booths around us stared. Charlie smiled as he explained to Ron about my blog family and my love for them. Then, the best part of all; they started to sing into the phone. It was like a Who Christmas! All my little bloggies singing "You Are My Sunshine". I can't remember when I've felt so loved. I've never really felt so much a part of something when I wasn't really there. It's true what they say about being somewhere "in spirit". I could feel the little wings sprouting on my heart. I drank three more Jack and Cokes. Completely loving life.


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