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Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Thumb Out in the Wind

A Thumb Out in the Wind

One of Charlie's birthday wishes was to go to a movie. Since he had studied about the Templar Knights when he was a boy, and since he's a closet treasure hunter who is constantly trying to get me to take weekend trips out into the desert with him to look for opals (yeah, right), we went to see National Treasure. Friday afternoon at the movies, while sitting through the previews of "soon to be released" flicks (sometimes there's so many I forget what movie I actually went to see) the trailer came on for Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

The first shot on the screen were two words: DON'T PANIC! The theater was packed and yet me and a guy behind me seemed to be the only two geeks in the audience. The reason I know this is because he and I were the only ones who started clapping and fidgeted in our seats like we were going to wet ourselves. I LOVE Hitchhiker's Guide. I think Douglas Adams was a comic genius. I miss his work. I know he had a lot more great stuff to offer us. On my 42nd birthday, I remember thinking I had arrived...me, my babel fish, my towel, and a box of toothpicks. Come to think of it; I have arrived. And next May, I'll be standing in line for opening night tickets. I'll probably see that guy that was sitting behind me.


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