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Monday, December 01, 2003

The Amazing Realm of Cyberspace

There are those days I think I'd like to pick this modern contraption of technological wonder up and heave it through the window out of complete frustration. It's moody; much like myself, and therefore requires a bit of finesse and sweettalk in order to get it to work favorably in my best interest. I believe it to be female. In any case, for all the frustration and aggravation it causes me, it also provides me with ten-fold the entertainment and awe. As a result, that brings me to a place where I cannot allow myself to be overly angry for too long. I just love it too much.

I love how I can just turn it on and be in touch with the world. That is not "world" in the poetic sense. But WORLD in the literal sense. Through this amazing mechanized hook-up, I have made some wonderful friends not just in my own little corner of the world....but in places far, far away. I have learned, as a woman, a friend, a mom, that there are women thousands of miles away who have similar experiences in their own lives. Some of them manage those lives, just like me, with sensitivity, love, good liquor, and a great deal of humor, only they might do it in a different language. I've met wonderful Tine in Belgium, hilarious Zoe; a beautiful Brit who also happens to live in Belgium, Sashi in Japan, Delphine in Paris. The list goes on, the similarities are endless and beautiful. My world opens up exponentially when I read about Wayne's NY world and K's love of all things Mexico. I don't "know" these Earthbound co-habitants on a face to face basis, but that doesn't mean that they aren't important to my own world, to my heart, to my survival as I trudge through daily mediocrities. Then there are the youthful planetary roomies that I DO know on a face to face, heart to heart basis. You know who you are. You know that even though I don't actually SEE your radiant faces everyday, that I'm there in your daily world when you take to the Blogdom. Much of this life, I live vicariously through you, and you allow me that privilege. I'm grateful.

I find that I can't wait to get this damn computer turned on in the morning because not only do I want to know what all of these awesome people have to say about their worlds, it is also better than a cup of coffee at waking me up and getting me moving. Always with a smile and a giggle. Once I've had my daily dose of Worldly Wisdom a la Blogizens, I somehow feel like I can face whatever gets thrown at me. Not always, but most of the time. It's a relief to know that I'm not the only one here. That you're all out there. You're better than Paxil and you're all addicting. God I love that.


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