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Monday, November 17, 2003

The High Priestess runs for the border...

With four 16-year olds in tow. Yes, that's right...it's Mexico Weekend time for Caris's 16th. I picked the girls (Taryn, Taylor, Tracy, and Caris) up at school on Friday afternoon and we hit the road for Baja. The traffic sucked at the border, but for the most part, the trip was uneventful and entertaining. Non-stop conversation and hilarity. I don't know where they keep all that.

It was a nice, restful time. Nancy seemed impressed that this particular group of girls were very good at entertaining themselves. They didn't have to have something happening every second to have a good time. It seems that with another friend's group of girls, they had to be given options or there would be whining and complaints of boredom. How can you possibly be bored in the middle of summer on a private beach?

After a bee sting mishap (Caris stepped on the little critter and he didn't like it much...neither did she for that matter), we went into town (Rosarito) on Saturday and let them loose for shopping. I was pretty impressed with Caris, she braved through the pain in her foot and walked on. We got a quick look over the wall at the Fox Studios, clicked a shot or two of the masted ships from Russell Crow's new flick "Master and Commander". I kinda wished we could have gone in, but Nancy was driving and really didn't seem too keen on doing that. We found a parking spot on a side street (as usual) and went to Macho Taco for a quick bite. Then we got the girls over to the open air market and made a meeting spot date, and we separated for a bit. Nance and I made our way over to Club Iggy's for a margie or two, watched the Shooter Guy do his thing with a bunch of college kids, witnessed some whipped cream dancing on a second level staircase, laughed at how that might have been us 25 years ago, and then left.

When we met back up with the shoppers, they wanted to hit the Panaderia (bakery), the candy store, and then they were done. We went back to the house, and they played some beach volleyball while Nance and I watched from Dean's patio. When they went in, we went in. She marveled again at what a nice group of girls this was and how it's been no trouble. We BBQ'd some burgers and they sat out on the patio, bundled under warm Mexican blankets by the patio fireplace. They talked into the dark of evening until it rained.

After thanking Nancy for the wonderful weekend, we left early on Sunday to beat the border traffic but I promised them a quick trip to Old Town San Diego for some lunch and more shopping. I think, for the most part, everyone had fun...but sometimes it's hard to read 16 year old girls. I'm just gonna trust that Caris said she had fun. After all, she's really the only one that counts.

Feliz Cumpleanos Mija. I hope you had a good time.


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