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Thursday, August 21, 2003

The High Priestess likes to participate!

I got these questions from Wayne, who got them from Crash, who got them from...oh, I think you get the idea.

If you want to participate, leave a comment saying "interview me" or send me
an e-mail.
I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be
You will update your journal with the answers to the questions.
You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the
same post.
When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five

1) If you can be any kinds of TV commercial, what would you pick? And why?

Even though I don't like Corona cerveza, I LOVE those commercials. Always centered around the ocean, always the thought of being away from the rat race and out of the ordinary. Under a sun-drenched palapa, toes dancing in the white sand, sound of the sea tickling my senses. For me, it's not so much about the product as it is about the setting. I would more than likely be a travel commercial to some exotic locale. Preferably tropical to appeal to my cultural sensibilities.

2) If you are in a TV commercial, what kind of a PRODUCT would you be? And

I may be overthinking this, and perhaps it's not quite the "pc" answer I should be giving. But I still love the idea of being away from the typical. I don't wanna be a fast car, I don't want to be trendy clothes, I don't want to be a restaurant. I'm not about materialism. Yet that is what a commercial is for, to advertise a product and encourage consumerism. I'd still want to be something out of the ordinary, but definitely worthwhile. I think I'd be a surfboard. Yeah, a surfboard.

3) If one person can use You in anyway. (If you are a specific product or
not) Who would that person be? And how he/she will use you?

I would want to be the surfboard belonging to the amazing Rell Sun. I loved her. She was a beautiful soul who left this life much too early (1998; Age 46). She was the epitome of the Spirit of Aloha. She brought an awareness of the natural resources and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands through her community activism. She encouraged women to really consider surfing as not only an athletic pursuit, but as an artform. World class surfer, world class human being. She was a woman of the sea, who loved the sea, and life, and people. She was a trendsetter who was ahead of her time, and her time to leave us came much too early. Nothing would give me greater joy than to be used by Rell to ride the waves that she loved. I'm sure she's still riding them in heaven. :o)

4) The phone rang. You picked up the phone and found your talent agent on
the other line. “Okay, based on your skills and look, we have found the
perfect role for you… We decided to cast you in….. and be……” What
film/commercial/TV series do you think you have been cast? And what kind of
role is it?

I would probably steal the idea from the reality show bandwagon, but I did get into WB's "The Boarding House: North Shore". Maybe because surfing has been such a big part of my own life, and maybe because the North Shore was home to me growing up. I would, at this stage in my life, probably be like the House Mom, since I'm too old to be a serious contender. Caregiver to the competitors that come to stay while they participate in the Triple Crown or some other event. Watch over them, mentor them, something like that.

5) The director had a bad day. He walked out of the production set. The
producer got pissed off. She looks at you in the eyes. “Okay, You. Yes You.
I want you to finish up the rest of the production. But, I want to change
everything.” It is up to you to finish up the filming. Based on your answer
from the previous question, how will you change the theme and your role?
(Yes, you have to change it no matter what)

Hmmm...be kinda difficult to change this scenario since it's such a specialized theme. Maybe we'd turn it into a comedy instead of a "serial" type drama. In fact, change it to a bunch of old timers like me. A group of middle aged longboarders who, as part of their mid-life crisis, leave their professional lives and come to Hawaii to pursue that big dream of competing...and all the aches and pains that go with the fact that we're not so young anymore. And how our families all think we've gone completely daft with sunburned brains, and do everything in their power to get us to "see things clearly". Sounds kinda like Jimmy Buffett. Instead of "A Pirate Looks At 40", it would be "A Surfer Looks At 40". Okay, so it's dumb, but it's mine. :o) And that, as they say, is a wrap.


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