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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Paikea fulfills her destiny...

As a woman with a deep cultural, multi-thiestic, and male dominated background, I could see so much of my own world in Paikea's struggle. To stand up against leaders and a thousand years of cultural tradition to fulfill the destiny of your people (Paikea's destiny per se, not my own). A belief system steeped in many gods over "one true God" and the ensueing battle of faith. The difficulty of loving the unloveable because you know that their own angst is also from those many many years of striving for independence. The Whale Rider is beautiful. Hard to take at some times, but worth it. In some ways, it was a very familiar visit to another island, long ago, without the beautiful accents. :o)

I walked out of the dark theater into the bright world and as I walked, I felt the little silver whale tail dangling against my ankle. A gift from two "daughters." I smiled. How appropriate. You were so right Averie; little hearts would simply not do for me. Thank you Ave and Lyndz.


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