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Sunday, June 22, 2003

The Beat Goes On....

It's been a white-knuckled, stomach-churning, vein-exploding, stress-overloaded week. I wasn't sure on Thursday night if I could take much more. But for the sake of my child and what SHOULD have been HER week, I endured whatever came along. I took stupid crap from so many frustrating people. I ran and ran and ran, despite not being a perpetual motion machine. Just when I thought I couldn't run anymore, I got up, and ran again. I had so many fingers in so many pots for so many different people, I didn't know exactly what the menu included. But I do know that in spite of everything, I served up a hell of a two-day party :::pat pat pat on the back:::. Thank the gods for Patrick and Nancy, who held me together with their loving, unconditional friendship (though Patrick thinks I have it easy, he HARDLY has to live my less than charmed life). Bryson can be thankful while he's away at camp that I didn't break his pointed little head when he pulled his "Smith Stunt" the day before camp. Let's recap the last two weeks in the life of The High Priestess. Shall we?

1. Calls to CSULB: 6 calls totalling 4 hours
2. Calls to Claim Jumper because they screwed me yet AGAIN: 3 calls resulting in a Fed Ex package with my evals which I have to provide to
my new employer because..did I mention that Claim Jumper screwed me again?
3. Ordering a bracelet from Hawaii.
4. Trips to Costco to make arrangements for grad party: 4
5. Shopping trip for black pants.
6. Shopping trip for grad night dress/Hume Lake shorts.
7. Trips to bank to cover SO many checks from one account to another: 6
8. Trips to Social Security Office for Recruiter.
9. Job interview trips: 4
10. Stores visited to find new fridge: 4
11. Hockey games and practices: 6
12. Baccalaureate
13. Senior Reflections
14. Phone calls to members of family to make "arrangements" about who is at what event, and who won't attend if certain people are in attendance. 20+_
15. Hospital visits: 2
16. Visit to doctor
17. Visit to radiologist for x-rays
18. 2nd visit to doctor for cast
19. Ferrying children back and forth to various friends houses: lost count
20. Ferrying children back and forth to and from school: lost count again but it's WAY too many
21. Ordering leis for graduation
22. Picking up leis for graduation
23. It goes on and on....


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