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Thursday, June 12, 2003

The High Priestess steps out once again...

Listen well young ones. In life there are dry spells as arrid as the Sahara, and then there are times where you think you'd better do the Noah thing and start building an ark. On either end of the spectrum, any sane human being could break. I'm not quite sure where I am on the lifeline at this point, but I do know this. I freaking HATE not having a regular paycheck. Worse than that, I hate the fact that I have to go find a place that will give me one. As we drove around South County yesterday watching people in their luscious homes and cars, carrying their daily dose of caffeine in Starbuck's cup (for Crissake, even the damn cups have their own "jackets"), I wondered..."Don't these people work? And if they do, why can't I have a piece of their action?" I just can't imagine that all of this money floating around can be legitimately gained. There MUST be something just a bit illicit or illegal in it. There HAS to be. That's the only way I can wrap my brain around the fact that I don't have that. Cuz I'm a good girl. Yeah, yeah...but I digress....

I have yet another interview today. I hate these things. You feel like you're on the auction block. And no one is bidding. It's a very lonely and somewhat demeaning process. Unless of course someone bids. Today marks Week 4. I'm walking the fence. I want a bid, yet I don't want a bid. I want a check. But I don't want to work for stupid people. What you think is the perfect job, or what you "thought" was the perfect job...well, the cynic in me has decided that there is no such thing as perfection. I want a J K Rowling fairy tale in a High Priestess kind of mode. It doesn't necessarily have to end with "and they lived happily ever after", but it would be kinda nice if it sounded something like...

".....and she drove into the sunset in her shiny new convertible T-Bird." :::sigh::::


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