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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going Green

I feel like this is a birth announcement. Don't panic. I didn't lose my middle-aged head, have a mid-life crisis, and decide that Charlie and I needed a "D" to go along with the A, B, and C. It's Wes who has had a new "baby". Well, it's House of Tiki that's had a new addition. Wes is just the one experiencing the labor pains. Okay, maybe I'm having labor pains too....in the shipping department.

House of Tiki's new green Shakatiki mug has been launched. This is the 4th Edition of H.O.T.'s mascot mug. We've had brown, peanut butter, blue, and now green. The Tiki World is gobbling them up. In just the first hour of listing, we've sold all we have of the first run. How can the Tikiphiles help but love him? He's beautiful.

I tease Wes that there's a striking resemblance between he and Shakatiki:

From the front anyway. I don't know about the okole.