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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Round Three of the Evolutionary Process

By now, it has been well-established that my son has gills, webbed feet and hands, and CANNOT stay out of the sun and surf. Therefore, despite the warnings that he should TRY to stay away from the beach and out of the water after re-dying his hair back to a somewhat "normal" state, we find ourselves, yet again, opening another box of hair color in less than a week's time.

Apparently, the orange was coming through again. His friend Alexis had taken to calling him "My Little Leprechaun" a bit too much for his liking. So, I come home from work to find the hair salon in my backyard open for business and a begloved Alexis squirting the magic goo onto the Grommet's head.

Now, even closer to his "natural" color, he PROMISED to keep his head out of the ocean and sunlight. I know this is a promise that this boy cannot keep. I'm now taking bets on how long it will be before his hair falls out from over-processing. Either that, or perhaps, miracle of miracles, the evolutionary process has now finally reached his brain.

Let the countdown commence.