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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tiki Time

My lack of posting here, or anywhere else lately, is due to the fact that we're now heading into "Tiki Time" here in wacky, pop-culture crazy, Southern California. It's that time of year when Hawaiian festivals, and tiki events kick into high gear and every weekend there's something going on. In Wes's absence, as he's up in Washington taking care of his beautiful Mom Hap after her back surgery, I'm determined to get our little shop back in gear, and so I've been trying to keep my pulse on what the hot tickets are in our area and be a H.O.T presence (Ha!...Me hot. Imagine that). Oh, and I'm dragging poor Charlie to these things too. As long as there's an umbrella drink to be had, he's okay with it.

I'm afraid that I might not be posting much lately, but I'll try really hard to put some pics up as we attend and vend at these events. Because really, some things are just not easily explained with words. Like the awesome and always colorful tiki artist extraordinaire, Crazy Al Evans.

I rest my case.