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Friday, January 23, 2009

She's Going To Kill Me

A few days ago, Averie was ushering audience members into the Tonight Show when a woman motioned for her to come over. Thinking that she was going to ask her a question about NBC, the Tonight Show, or Jay Leno, Averie approached the woman and her party:

Averie: Yes Ma'am? Can I help you?

Woman: Where do I know you from?

Averie: Um..I don't know. Are you from Costa Mesa?

Woman: No. From tv. Don't I know you from television?

Averie: I don't think so.

Woman: (looking at A's nametag) Averie. I know that from somewhere. (Light going on) Are you the Averie from the Ellen Degeneres show? The girl that runs from bees?

Averie: (shocked) Oh my God! That was 5 years ago! How can you possibly remember that?

The woman and her party are now very excited and jumping up and down.

Averie: (quietly) Oh Ma'am please...None of my co-workers know, and I'd really like to keep it that way. They will tease me incessantly and make my life hell. Can we please keep this between us?

Woman: Oh Sweetie, of course! But I'm a HUGE Ellen fan and we were totally rooting for you. Can I have your autograph?

Averie: (shyly) Really? Me?

Woman: Oh yes! Please!

The woman and her friends proceeded to ask a million questions about the outcome of the segments, thanked Averie for the fun, and then A showed them to their seats. She called me...still stunned that anyone even remembered her after five years. The power of Ellen and television.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go find a good hiding place because when she sees I've posted this..she's going to kill me. That's the risk of being a proud Mama. Enjoy the show. I know I did!