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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gall of it All

It seems that my gall bladder has decided to rear its ugly head. I'd never had symtoms of gall bladder problems before, even though I'm in the "4F Risk Factor" range:

Forty or over
Family History

I thought, erroneously so, that I might have been lucky enough to skip through unscathed. Especially since I've lost 50 pounds in the last four months. Seems that quick weight loss can trigger gall stones. I wasn't even sure I was having a problem until last weekend. The first incident was two months ago. I thought it was the flu. Then it happened again, and I figured I couldn't have the flu again so quickly, so I assumed that maybe my band was too tight, or something was stuck in it, or I maybe ate more than I should have. So I was very careful, measured every bite, chewed everything to mush before swallowing. Still, I had another "attack". Four times in the last month.

Last weekend, I was visiting my sister and I mentioned to her how often I was getting "the flu". She asked what my symptoms were and I told her. She said; "Oh Honey, that's not the flu. That's your gall bladder! Crap.

So I get home and make an appointment with my doc and he schedules an ultrasound and CT scan. Now I wait to hear from the damn insurance company whether they will authorize the procedures and just pray that I don't have another painful attack. I'm being a very good girl and eating only non-fat things, which is boring, but I'm so completely gun-shy now that honestly, I just don't want to eat at all. I guess that's a good thing where the diet is concerned.

On top of all this, my mom is back in the hospital in Hawai'i, and so my sister and I are trying to figure out when we can get over there to help out. Fingers crossed, everything will be fine, but right now, we're just not sure. Good thoughts everyone...good thoughts.