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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Because I Can...

Today I will be blind to the mountains of laundry on my garage floor.

Today I will be deaf to complaints and whining.

Today I will not hear the death throes of my poor, old van.

Today I will be ignorant that one serving of Skosh Monahan's chocolate mousse has more calories than everything I've eaten in one week put together.

Today I will have suddenly forgotten how to wash a dish.

Today the toilet that flowed over last night will just wait until tomorrow for the plumber to come and fix it.

Today I won't fret about ailing in-laws.

Today I will have Margaritas made with Cabo Wabo tequila and not worry about the price.

Today I will tell myself I am beautiful and I will believe it.

Today I will wear plumerias in my hair.

Today a hug from my children will be more welcome than any expensive gift could ever be.

Today a number will not bother me because it just means I've been blessed enough to have:

A healthy family that generates laundry, dishes, a few complaints and whining, and lots of hugs.

An extra bathroom in my house.

A mother-in-law who adores me and thinks I'm wonderful.

A car that still runs.

Cabo Wabo Margaritas and Skosh's Chocolate Mousse to share with a few special friends. Or not share. :)

My own plumeria plant that gives me fragrant flowers for my hair.

A husband that tells me that I'm beautiful every, single day.

Today I am 45. And I will enjoy it. Because I can.


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