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Monday, September 05, 2005


Uncle! I give up! I concede! White flag flying! MERCY!

No, I have no idea who I'm sending these messages of surrender to. I'm not really sure there's anyone out in the cosmos listening. But I'm pretty much at my wit's end. Yes, I know there are those out there suffering more. I've sent my warm thoughts and I've put my money where my mouth and heart are. I know things could be worse and I've said all of these very things to my beautiful girl. Yet those things are not much comfort when you've already spent the last two weekends in the hospital emergency room.

That's right folks. Poor Averie not only still has stitches in her foot from the sewing needle fiasco...she had an emergency appendectomy at 1 AM Saturday morning. This after we rushed her to the ER on Friday afternoon at 5:30. Hours and hours later, after much pain, poking, prodding, testing, CATScans, they wheeled her into surgery while Charlie, Jason, and I waited. Finally, at 3:30 AM, after she was safely out of surgery and recovery, we could breathe a sigh of relief (for me, I lost it in a mess of tears).

Now that she's home and we've spent our holiday weekend at the hospital, I can take a little survey. How many of you think:

A. Pua should go down to Averie's place of employment and kick some ass. OR
B. Pua should go down to Averie's place of employment and kick some ass. OR perhaps..
C. Pua should go down to Averie's place of employment and kick some ass.

Okay, now that we've got that behind us, let me explain....On Friday afternoon, I'd just gotten home from work at 3:30-ish, and I was waiting for Charlie to get home. As a family, we were planning to go to the first high school football game of the year. The phone rings, Caris answers, and she hands the phone to me and says "It's Daddy. He sounds 'not right'." I get on the phone and Charlie tells me that he's just received a call from Averie at 4:00. She's at work and she says she's in a great deal of pain and explained her symptoms to him. He advises her to leave work immediately and get home or call home and have me go and get her because it sounds to him like she's having what appears to be appendicitis. He tells me to wait for her and that he's on his way home as well. It's 4:15. I wait. Either for a call from Averie, or to see her pull up in the driveway. It's 5:00. Neither the call has come, nor the girl arrived home.

Finally at 5:15, she drives up and I go out to meet her. She's nearly doubled over and can barely walk without crying. I asked her why it took her so long or why she didn't call me to pick her up. She told me between tears that when she told the studio owner's nephew (who was in charge that day) that she was in a lot of pain and that her dad told her to come home because she might have appendicitis, he told her to finish clearing paint and tables before she left. In essence, he made her finish her shift before she left. We were in the emergency room by 5:30.

Now, there have been many occassions where I've wanted to go down there and go "Mama Bear" on these asshats. But I know that Averie is an adult now and that I need to let her fight her own battles. Especially when it comes to her employers. However, I feel that this is a different situation. This jerk, the owner's nephew, is a lazy-ass SOB who gets paid more than he should for doing nothing just because he's a relative. He takes advantage of the minimum wage staff, making them do all the work while he sits around and does nothing. He arrives late for his shifts IF he arrives at all, and he never gets in trouble because..yep, he's the owner's nephew. Up to this point, I've never stepped in. Even when they've screwed her of tips. Even when they've tried to take her commissions away from her for side artwork that she does. Even when they've overworked her and underpaid her. Even when they've been unkind to her for no reason. I've stayed out of it. But now, they've put my child's health and life in danger and I feel I have every right in the world to go down there and tell the owner what an asshole her nephew is. There are just some things that a mother needs to do.

This is one of them.


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