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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dazzling Auburn Times Two

The female energy rocking my world lately has been intense, and wonderful. Though the school year is winding down and life is a bit frenetic, the entirety of last week was the buildup to a visit by two incredible people; Auburn Pisces and her dazzling daughter, Auburn Aries.

Yeah, it's been crazy. Yeah, we've got Bryson's hockey playoffs and Caris' prom. Yeah, my kitchen cupboards and linen closet are stealthily being emptied out by Averie and her theater prop department for her final "Project Night" production. But all I could think of was the countdown to Auburn Pisces visit. I could hear the ticking in my head everywhere I went as if it were that dreaded biological one. Except this ticking didn't bring fear into my world that something was ending. On the contrary, it meant something good was coming...soon. The only drawback was that the ticking was slow in the anticipation. I knew that once she was here, it would put on the gas and go faster than I would like. I was right.

Of course, the main goal of her visit was to take the amazing and precocious Auburn Aries to Disneyland, and that she did. Once safely landed in semi-sunny Cali, satiated with The House That Walt Built, and soundly ready for a pool-sized Margarita, she called me on Thursday night to ask me where a Mexican restaurant was so that she could get her hands on a cold one. Geographically challenged as I am, I hopped on the computer and Mapquested her to an El Torito, and then told her to call me the next day and we'd firm up the plans to hook up. Feeling that I'd done my tequila-laced good deed for the day, I settled in for the long, holiday weekend, watching happily as Caris modeled her prom dress for Charlie and I, and Averie snuck (sneaked?) yet more props out of my house for her play. Hmmmmmmm.

FINALLY, the day had arrived. The long-awaited Saturday. I couldn't wait. All was prepared, including the shiny new bottle of Patron waiting to meet it's lime nectar mate to bring us sweet, 100% agave liquid bliss. Soon, AP was calling to get directions. Charlie overheard my directions to her and said calmly; "Honey, give me the phone." I was happy to oblige knowing that his directions would get her here sooner than mine would. Cuz yes, I suck at directions. Take note.

Soon, I was standing out front waiting for her and thinking to myself how much my face was already hurting from smiling so much. As expected, the smiles were returned ten-fold. I couldn't wait to get my arms around her, but that would have to wait, because Auburn Aries was out of the car in a flash and joyfully presenting me with her divine artwork, created especially for me. So she, of course, gets the very first hugs. Brilliant and beautiful, with her dazzling red hair and sun-kissed happy face; she began her tale of the joys of Disneyland and rollercoasters with shy trepidation at first, but soon, as comfort would have it, her happy experiences rushed out like water over a spillway. Who could contain such effervecense, and why would they ever want to? This older-and-wiser-than-her-years cherub sparkles.

We hugged, pulled back, and we hugged again. With another warm hug in succession. If the energy emitted from us could be bottled, we'd be very wealthy women. But then again, we already are. She's beautiful, funny, warm and safe. As the afternoon edged on in it's very easy groove, we ensured our bond. Charlie, Master Mixologist and all-around wonderful man, kept the Nectar of the Agave Gods flowing, and the sweet friendship blossomed as well we knew it would. Auburn Aries kept Caris company as she prepared for her big night and continued to decorate our world with her artwork (which still graces my fridge door). Soon, we easily sequed from one pivotal life moment to another; prom pictures with Caris and her date, Averie's coming and going, Bryson and his friend playing computer games while Aries played "Let's spy on the silly teenager boys".

It was all so easy and fluid, and it flowed from one momemnt to the next. Auburn Pisces rolling with our life flow, generously giving of herself, letting the laughter roll, sitting through a long final project play (which wasn't always as good as it could have been...THAT's how generous she is). And now knowing full well just how completely doofusy my fifteen year old son is, she has family secrets. She floated with our family tide as if she was born to it. Truly, I think she was.


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