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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Trigger Happy

Lately, I'm just not getting enough. Yeah, I know you've heard this complaint before, but you can just clean up your dirty little minds. I'm talking about TIME. It just hasn't been my friend. At some point during our chasing each other around the bedpost, you'd think he'd stop and let me catch him. But no. I'm beginning to think that Time is gay and simply has no interest in what I have to offer. If that's the case, you'd think I'd know better. But again, no. I keep chasing him. In my effort to stay in the race, I keep deleting the daily horoscope and tarot reading that arrives every morning in my email. Now I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't be so quick on the draw. I should probably stop running after the elusive Mr. Time and stop to read. There may have been warnings I should have heeded.

There are things off-kilter in my world, but it's a good indication that I should keep my running shoes on. Behold the events of my last week:

*My eldest; bright, brilliant, talented, funny....gets her braid wrapped up in a dremel at work and nearly pulls her hair out. Now her head seems to lean to one side a bit. "Yeah, they're calling me Dremel-Girl at work now." She exclaims.

*My youngest; handsome, charming, athletic....likes a certain girl so much, that he allows her to put heavy, black make-up on his eyes to see what he'll look like "Emo". Little does he realize that it's waterproof and despite my best efforts with lotion, vaseline, and a box of Q-tips, he has to go to school the next day and actually BE "Emo". When I ask why, he responds, "You mean other than because she's hot?"

*My child in the center; vivacious, sparkling, gregarious...is late for school yesterday morning and doesn't want to take the time to properly pull out the iron and ironing board and decides to iron the shirt WHILE she's wearing it. A lovely iron-shaped 2nd degree steam burn now graces her tender tummy. As I pull out the Neosporin HOURS later when she finally has the courage to tell me, she says.."You're going to blog about this aren't you?"


This morning, I'm reading my horoscope.


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