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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hug Leftovers

Hug Leftovers

When I look at my knitting basket these days, I often see the faces of people I love and care for. Family and friends; far and near. I equate color and texture with a name and city. It makes me smile.

Caris and Averie always name the scarves I knit for them. There's one named "Geraldine", there's one named "Mike&Sully", there's even one named "Bernadette". Averie has one knitted by her friend Mary named "Gryffindor". Guess what colors that one is? One day, I'm going to take these "hug leftovers" in my basket and make one really funky looking scarf to wrap myself in. I'm going to name it "Group Hug". It won't be so pretty, but it's gonna make me really, really happy.


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