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Friday, February 18, 2005

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough

Someone once told me that a diamond is a chunk of coal that stuck to the job. Well, motherhood often makes me feel like a chunk of coal. It's a tough job and often thankless. When I read about special moms who stuck to the job and turn out some incredible people, I can't help but think...yeah, that's why it's worth it. So, it often warms my heart to read Aaron's phlog and know how deeply he cherishes and honors his mother. The feeling is mutual. Her comments are classic, funny, and full of motherly love. It's a win-win situation. I envy this parent/child relationship. It's a tough world and if you come out of it the parent of a truly remarkable adult, you can honestly say "Yay Me". You've done well Sandy. Someday, when my kids are grown, I hope they still think I'm as awesome as Aaron and the rest of us think...no...KNOW you are!

Happy Birthday EvillMom. You're one rare and special diamond!


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