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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Best Laid Plans...

I hesitate to use the word "laid", because in answer to your question about my birthday wishes Patrick; "NO". Through no fault of Charlie's however. We just didn't get off to exactly the right start. I guess with all of this Mum-in-law stuff going on, the hubby's birthday plans just didn't have lift-off. I just cracked myself up with that one.

Anyhooo, one out of three children remembered and I got that hug from her as she was leaving for school, bless her heart. The other daughter completely gelled until her friend reminded her because it was HIS birthday too and he asked "So what did you get your mom for her birthday?" So, when I picked her up from school, she was waiting for me with tears in her eyes and apologies. It was actually kinda cute. The son was in complete LALA land until darling Patrick called and made me smile and giggle with a stirring rendition of "Happy Birthday to you!" I especially liked the "Deeaaarrrr Pooooooooooo Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" part. We laughed about what I REALLY wanted for my birthday when he suggested jewelry and I countered with birthday nookie. At which time my son rolled his eyes and turned red because other members of the waterpolo team just happened to be in my van at the time. Ohhh Mommm! Geeezzz!

A fun call to Rick, just because. And even if I wasn't drunk, it was GREAT to hear his voice. Again, one of those simple pleasures that make up for bumps in the road. Birthday emails from like-minded Moms and massive monkey-faced love. Aaron, that pic is about as creative as I can get right now. My muse must be sleeping with Toddy's Tequila Slut.

Calls from a newly found sister and brother that I have grown to love as if no time whatsoever had passed in our lives. And the capper; from the woman that gave birth to me, my very first birthday call. Whatever was going wrong with the day, softly melted away. I have no reason to complain.

We missed our dinner reservations because I had to take middle daughter to the doctor as she was absolutely sure the red, spreading bump on her thigh was actually a mosquito bite. She was going to die of West Nile. After an hour wait, the doctor assured her it was a spider bite and she would live. Whatever time I would have had to get "gussied up" was missed, so we ended up in casual jeans at a walk-in shrimp bar. Which was fine. I preferred it that way.

My sister-in-law had, earlier in the day, given me a plastic, handheld, battery operated fan for my birthday. For when I get "hot flashes". She's 56. I'm 44. What exactly was she saying about me? I supposed I could use it later on in the evening for my hot and heavy date with Charlie. :::sigh::: Yeah.

A gift that excited me; Famous Author Rob Byrnes'"Trust Fund Boys". If there was going to be any sex on my birthday, I guess I was only going to read about it. I AM going to read about it. Aren't I Rob????

I love you all. More than you know. You've MADE my world a mush better place. Yes, I meant "mush". :o)


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