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Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have a VERY funny daughter.  But you already know that.

That is why when I saw this posted on the NBC website, I thought of her.  If Averie were ever to marry, I envision that this is the kind of "Save The Date" card she'd send.  Actually, she'd probably never send a "Save The Date" card. It's just not her style.  She's one of those "against-the-grain" type of girls.  Do the unexpected.  Always keep them wondering. In fact, she probably thinks that Liz Lemon would never send a "Save The Date" card.  But if they (Averie and Liz, not together of course) did, Averie definitely knows that the very first line is the exact reaction I would have.

It's IS kinda a big whoop.


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