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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Got Your Directions Right Here!

At the very busy grocery store today, an older woman was slowly pushing her empty cart through a bottlenecked area whilst chatting on her phone. I patiently waited for her to come through so that I could proceed in the other direction. She continued her very slow pace, leaning heavily on her cart as if it were a walker, and enjoyed her conversation, completely oblivious to the line of people behind her. As she pulled up, adjacently even with me, successfully preventing me from moving forward, and blocking the people behind her from advancing through, she suddenly stopped mid-chat to laugh at something the person on the line said. I tapped her and said; "Excuse me, but you're kinda blocking traffic," pointing to the people behind her. She continued slowly, but turned to me and said quite snottily; "Well thank you lady, but I don't need direction from YOU!" and began to tell the person on the line that some "busybody" was telling her to move. At which time, the man behind her said.."Apparantly, you do need directions. And here's some from me...get off the damn phone!"

I smiled at him and thought to myself..oh how I wish she would end up behind me in the checkout line. Me, and my 52 coupons.