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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Topsy-Turvy Hale ko Aloha

So, yeah. Things are a little topsy-turvy around here lately. A lot of changes in a very short time, and more changes to come. We're all learning to adjust, but I can tell that it's gonna take a little time. I am so impressed with my kids. Caris and Bry are just rolling with the flow. Seeing as how Charlie and I have always prided ourselves in being roll with the flow kinda people, it makes me pretty proud to see how well they're adapting. After all, the changes have had more of an immediate effect on the two of them than it has on Charlie and I because they have to share :::gasp!::: the hall bathroom. I cringed at the prospect because I have heard many an argument eminating from that room. However, since Sandie moved in, I have heard not a peep from either of them. I think they've called a truce. I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. It's amazing what can be accomplished when you know you're doing something to help someone. I'm pretty sure that's their motivation. Whatever it is, I'm grateful. They're good people these kids o'mine.

I've lost my office. Well, actually I haven't really lost the office so much as I have lost free reign in my office. We moved Charlie's desk and computer into our bedroom, cleared off shelf space in the office, and emptied the hall closet so that Sandie would have areas to call her own. She doesn't mind that I've left my computer and desk AND the aquarium up. She likes watching the fish. She's a night owl, and an early riser, so she's pretty accommodating about letting me in there when I need to get Ebay work done. I try to get in and out so that I don't infringe on her space too much. I can already tell in just the short time she's been with us that she's happier, healthier, and stronger. She commented about how nice it is to be around people who talk to her and don't look through her. She loves the way the kids banter with each other and how we talk non-stop about everything with each other. She's not used to that. I told her to be careful...Caris and Bry will talk her ear off. Conversation is not a lost art in this house. You wanna talk? Oh, we'll talk! Sandie is loving it. That makes me happy.

I remember making remarks over the years about how small my house is. Last year, I took to calling it "cozy". I have lamented the fact that the kids friends' homes are larger and have game rooms or pools, and so they seem to gather there. Sometimes it makes me sad, but I have no means to fight it. I can't compete with large houses and the amenities that come with them. I can't blame them. We often tend to be on top of one another around here. We don't have a family room, so Charlie and I will "retreat" to our room if the kids have company in the living room. Just to give them some space. We've learned to be very accommodating in their late teen years in that regard. As sad as it sometimes makes me that they "chill" at their friends homes more often than here, I admit that it makes me secretly happy when they bring home "scuttlebutt". Yeah, there's that little bit of evil streak in me. I won't trade an awesome marriage for the sacrifices to get that large home with amenities. Ever. I'll stay poor, fat, and happy in my little house with my awesome hubby, thank you very much. Everything has it's price.

So, here we are, the five of us, adjusting to a crowded life in this little tract home. Today, it could seem even smaller because I'm taking care of Kiva for Wes for a day or two. So, there's five of us, plus two busy dogs. Wes has taken to calling my house "Hale ko Aloha." House of Aloha. House of Love. I really love that.

Ya know...it really doesn't feel so small.